Uldouz Berenjforoush: President

Uldouz is the founder of TSAB. It was her dream to have a club like this and to bring together people interested in Turkic cultures. She can be seen tabling on Sproul from time to time, when not at GBC. She is currently a rising junior in Public Health. Her goals to do work in the public sector as a health worker or be San Mateo's UN delegate.

Harbir Kaur: Secretary/Historian

Harbir is TSAB's premier historian, note-taker, secretary, tabler, crossword puzzler, etc. She does it all. Harbir has been onboard TSAB since its conception in a small apartment in the fall of 2006. Her pursuits are something science related, maybe humanities, maybe acting.

Brianna Livsey: Treasurer

Oh, Brianna. Our resident Texan. Brianna is TSAB's treasurer. She came to California in search of a club that brought together people interested in Turkic cultures. She found this in TSAB. Overjoyed, she immediately joined and because of her enthusiasm and cowboy boots, she was given the position of Treasurer. She is currently studying Psychology and hoping to be stalker-free.

Mildred Flores: Publicity Advisor

Mildred is TSAB's publicity advisor and graphic artist. She can be seen regularly at the table on Sproul eating a bologna sandwich and gummy fruit snacks. Her academic focus is on history, specifically East Asian. She will be studying in Turkey because of her interest in Turkish culture and language, and specifically Turkish dudes.

Karina Galvan: Publicity Advisor

Karina is also TSAB's publicity advisor. Along with Mildred, Karina helps raise awareness about TSAB on our campus. When not tabling, she can be seen walking to her co-op or eating cheetos. She is a junior currently studying political science.

CT Reddy: Advisory Director

Our very own CT is our advisory director. He can be seen at TSAB's meetings rubbing elbows. When not directing advising stuff, he can be seen singing lovely chants of equality and brotherhood along with the other brothers of the mighty SEO!